Natural hair Youtuber, Whitney White started her YouTube channel in 2009 introducing her DIY recipes for all naturals. She has now started a hair line where she has made her DIY’s into natural products for everybody to consume.

American natural hair guru, Youtuber, mother of two and wife has finally launched her hair line called Melanin Hair Care. Whitney White has brought heaven into the hands of all naturals by bringing the DIYs she’s been making back when she started her YouTube channel, Naptural85 in 2009. This came about when people started requesting the DIY products to be made for them, either her audience did not have much time to make the products or they did not get the measurements right. Whitney saw an opportunity and decided to make everything less complex by starting a hair line along with her sister who “never wants to see me drown in work” she says on her video the day after launching the line.

The two went on the search to find manufacturers who would work with them as well as not give up on them. After a lot of negative feedback, they had finally found one who was willing to work with them.

Both Whitney and her sister worked with a chemist to make sure that the products were 100% safe to use and were healthy for anyone. Meaning they had to be extremely harsh and strict. However, all the work paid off when Melanin Hair Care was launched on 12 October 2018.

Melanin Hair Care consists of: The Multi-Use Pure Blend Oil, The Twist Elongated Styling Cream, a 100% cotton Melanin Logo Head Wrap as well as a spandex Melanin Stretch Logo Visor. All products are made and designed to fit all and work for everyone.

What makes Melanin Hair Care stand out is that the products were made for both people who have loose and softer curls to people who have more coily hair. “One woman who we work with is Puerto Rican and she has softer curls and she loves the twisting cream,” she says on her YouTube channel on the day after launching Melanin Hair Care.

Products can also be used on relaxed hair however, the thicker your hair the more product you have to use and the thinner your hair the less product. Whereas with most hair products, you usually find that they either work for specific hair types.

Whitney has not only catered to the needs of the hair, but has also though about how tired people are of constantly going back to buy a product. Hence, she has designed the containers to be big enough for the product to last. Which of course is yet another Nappy girl problem solved, yaaasss!

The Melanin Logo Head Wrap is very chic, natural hair friendly and can be worn anywhere. Not to mention, it is also a very comfortable head wrap that is sturdy at the same time. Whitney made sure to make the head wrap lightweight and comfortable, unlike other head wraps. “I’ve noticed that towards the end of the day my heard is very tired and I just can’t wait to get home and take it off,” she says.

The Melanin Stretch Logo Visor is also natural hair friendly as it is made out of spandex. Not only is it natural hair friendly, but it fits everybody who struggles with finding a cap that fits.

Whitney’s products are also 100% safe for any pregnant or nursing woman. Her products contain safe synthetics as well as fatty alcohols. Both hair products do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to natural hair.

On her website she has also provided ingredients that are in the products as well as the information about the ingredients. Whitney does clarify the fact that she wants to be as transparent as possible with her products and does not want to hid anything.

Pre-orders can be made right now on before 9 February 2019. Orders will be therefore delivered on 9 February 2019.