Svitlana Dudarenko is a Ukrainian illustrator who was born in 1995. As a child, she developed an early interest in art. She drew a lot as a kid from the time she got her first crayons and attended art classes where she learned the fundamentals of drawing.

Despite her big interest in art she grew up to pursue other things and got a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in nanophysics and nanotechnologies.

A couple of years after being in university she realised that drawing was her biggest passion, she focused her efforts in this direction and started working as a graphic and web designer. Shortly, after quitting the designer career she began teaching herself to draw digitally. She got her first paid illustration job in 2018.

For the past year working as a freelance illustrator, Svitlana has had the pleasure to work with companies and individual clients around the world to create charming and engaging illustrations that help to communicate ideas. She has created art for web, mobile apps, fabric and prints. Today she is primarily engaged with creating illustrations for client projects, though also working on her own projects.

Her creative process starts with extensive research, followed by sketching which she likes the most of all the process. She does most of her painting in Adobe Illustrator and also uses Photoshop to add depth and traditional feel to her work through texturing. Although her illustrations are created using mainly digital tools, she enjoys traditional drawing and painting a lot. In addition to illustrating she spends much of her time sketching and painting with oils.

As an artist, she is always observing, finding beautiful and amazing things around herself, seeking for perfection in simplicity. She finds great inspiration in everyday life – people, nature, cars, and architecture are her favorite objects to draw. She also takes inspiration from comics, movies, and computer games. Modern illustrators Malika Favre and Maïté Franchi had the greatest impact on her throughout her illustrator career.

Svitlana is known for her clean and bold vector technique in combination with grainy and grunge textures. Her style has evolved from flat vector graphics, through constant drawing and a strong interest in digital art. Her illustrations are full of life and color, with simple shapes, hard edges, and vibrant colors featuring heavily in her work, and there is often a little touch of humor in it. “What I like the most about making art is that it is one of the most powerful media to share ideas and information, so through illustration, you can spread your message to the world without saying any word,” she says.

Svitlana lives in a beautiful city of Kyiv, Ukraine, enjoying the rhythm of the metropolis. She spends her spare time drawing, reading paper books, snowboarding and exploring the world with her boyfriend. Her big dreams are to visit Iceland and both write and illustrate a book for children someday.
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