Udoakang Promise Peter is a multi-dimensional visual artist who creates hyper realism and impressionism works. His works are deeply rooted in the black skin and cultures of Africans.

Showing different narratives of happenings, emotions and moods around him and using his works as a voice for people who cannot speak out from there predicaments. He illustrates his action in several mediums, Ankara, vintage, Plastic Painting, Water Painting, murals and mix media. He was born on the 1st of March 1997, in Lagos State Nigeria to the parents of late Mr peter Udoakang and Mrs Esther Peter Udoakang from Ikono Local government area in Akwa-Ibom State in the South-Southern part of Nigeria. His a self-taught and highly motivated Artist.

He began his artistic career at the age of 12 where he discovered his passion for drawing and later attended the Rhythm of Art theatre group where he did apprenticeship during his early secondary schools education years and where he was first guided to understand the principles and knowledge of art (painting, drawing, sculpture) in technicality. He further became part of the Inistic Multimedia Company who funded and gave him scholarships to be exposed to art galleries and Museum to further inspire himself in understanding the world of art.

He learned online watching YouTube videos which help guided him more on his works and also inspired by great artists both home and aboard. He was an in-house artist to Alexis galleries for 2 years in Victoria Island, Lagos where he became much more guided and expose to different artists and their styles. He creates his painting in sub sequent stages where he spend over 100 hours and above on a work even weeks and months depending on the size and the subject he wants to capture. He is currently a student at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (Lagos Camp). Where he majors in studying Art history. He is highly inspired by works of great masters like Michelangelo, George Edozie, Kool jay, Macro Grassi, Dora Alice, Yusuf Grillo. He was the personal artist to Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore on the “Take it back” campaign movement by the Africa Action Congress (AAC) party where he created and documented works of the aspirant in vintage and also in composition with fela in 2019. 

He has participated in a numerous group exhibitions like Fate iii held by Alexis gallery in 2016, fate iv by Alexis  gallery in 2017, solo exhibition titled Grace in 2014, solo exhibition in Moscow ,Russia titled “Promise Peter” by mercury gallery in 2018. Also Featured in Art gala auction in the United States of America. He has received many prestigious commissions to his name. He was commissioned to make a portrait for the Mohammed IV, king of Morocco. Commissioned to paint the Obalende under bridge by the Lagos state government. Interviewed by many TV stations and also Sahara TV in sharing his story to inspire and encourage young Nigerian artists. He is currently working on a project title the “Golden Age” creating works of the ancient Nigeria art like the nok, ife, Benin, Igbo ukwu and masks, in fusion with western cultural attire. His aim with this project is to inspire young Artists to learn more about their cultural backgrounds and bring out interesting narratives than trying to imitate the western culture and leaving theirs behind and also using his works to educate people about vanishing stories of Nigeria cultures and showing the significance it holds to the recent economy.