Six years ago, my cousin brother invited me to Nelspruit to meet a woman named Matjatji and since then I had never been sick; not even a minor headache or a cold. No bodily ailments whatsoever!

My cousin and I both suffered from hemorrhoids(a.k.a piles) and would only visit the loo once a week. Every visit, though sporadic, would be torture. We were almost glad it only came once a week even though that in itself was a health risk.  My torture, compared to my cousin’s, was slightly better; every time after doing number 2 I would see red on the tissue even if I had not eaten beetroots for a long time. After the visit I would walk slowly out of the toilet and be forced to make pit-stops just to catch a breath and relax my sphincter. That would be the experience all the time.

My cousin however was worse. Every visit to the loo would ruin his whole day. His sphincter would be torn up to shreds and he would be in excruciating pain for a whole day if not more. He would go to his room and lie on his front and not do anything for hours. This greatly affected his academic performance during his University years. It is almost impossible to be able to focus on anything under such pain.

Matjatji was a retired nurse who now ran a Blood type diet company that aimed to enlighten us about the dangers of the food we ate. According to her (and Dr. D’Adamo whom she often quoted), the cause of our pains and sufferings was that we were not eating right for our blood types. She explained further that our bodies chemical balances were different in accordance with our blood types. Some people of specific blood types have highly acidic stomach fluids which help in digestion while others have less acidic stomach fluids. This meant that there were specif foods that people of specific blood types cannot properly digest; and if food is not digested, it makes it difficult for its remains to exit the body; some of it never leaves the body and is then stored as fat which becomes responsible for weight gain (check out Dr. D’Adamo’s website:

The are four human blood groups each with their specific dietary requirements: Blood types A, AB, B and O. Blood type As, which I happened to be after we got tested, was said to have very low stomach acidity and would have difficulty digesting red meat. And for that reason I had to stop eating red meat because it was largely responsible for my piles. Matjatji would explain that good food for your blood type works as medicine for your body and the wrong food as poison, very slow poison! She gave us a list, which is also available on Dr. D’Adamo’s website, with the categories of foods considered Beneficial, Neutral and Dangerous to our health.

Eating the foods listed as Beneficial (such as spinach and turkey for me) meant that these foods will be easily digestible and your immune system was fed and would remain strong. This would make it difficult for you to get sick as your immune system protects against illnesses. However if you ate foods listed as Dangerous (which is red meat and potatoes for me), your body would have difficulty digesting it and thus your immune system would be unable to absorb any nutrients found in those foods. Even worse, since these foods would be unabsorbable, your immune system would consider it “foreign” and would have to fight it out of you, which then forces it out to forming pockets of fat cells(sometimes responsible for causing weight gain). This same foods would be what would cause piles and also weakens your immune system causing you to contract every strain of the flu virus each season.

My cousin discovered he was blood type O and he was happy that he could still eat red meat without having to suffer the consequences. He however had to stop eating all corn products which included pap and that was the only challenge for him. He was informed that corn products especially pap were causing him piles and the fact that we ate pap almost every day made it worse. My cousin has never suffered from piles since then and neither have I.

The blood type diet was first suggested by Dr. D’Adamo senior, the father of the Dr. D’Adamo who authored the books titled: Eat Right For Your Type and later Live Right For Your Type. This diet is considered alternative medicine. I have discovered from my own personal research that a lot of doctors do not know about it and the few who do know about it do not agree with it in a scientific principle basis. Most of their objections are based on numbers. They claim that not enough people have been tested and testified on the positive impacts of the suggested diets.

Scientists, or rather science on the other hand agrees that people have different blood types and those differences in blood types are a results of difference in people’s chemical make up. Thus science agrees that blood type Os have a higher stomach acid than blood type As but cannot vouch for the dietary requirements as suggested by D’Adamo.  Only a few dietitians know about it and some worked with Matjatji in promoting this diet for their patience especially those who wanted to lose weight.

All I know is this has worked wonders for me personally and I would recommend it any day for any one experiencing health problems. There is absolutely no harm in trying it out for yourself. All you need is a week and you will know for sure if it works for you or not