In a country like South Africa where the youth is largely unemployed, a young person from Malamulele in Giyani, Limpopo, by the name of Freedom Maluleke took it upon himself to drive change in his community in a quest to empower young people.

Freedom Maluleke is a 25 year old Bsc student at the University of Limpopo. He was instrumental in founding a foundation called It’s Possible Foundation in 2016 for which he is also the chairperson.

Maluleke initiated It’s Possible Foundation without anyone to financially support his dream. He started with nothing at all and what kept him going was the idea that he envisioned of uplifting young people in rural areas. Maluleke says he needed someone to mentor him when he was growing up but could not find any and this prompted him to help other kids have the opportunity that he could not have. “I needed someone to show me the way and just to motivate me”, he said. It is the challenges that Maluleke and his peers suffered that made him decide to found a foundation that focuses on young people.

It’s Possible Foundation offers services like mentorship programmes, community conversations where the youth is brought together to discuss issues affecting them, and also offers school motivation drives where they visit schools to  motivate learners. The foundation goes on to even assist matric learners on how to apply for tertiary entrance in order to further their studies.

Maluleke says the foundation like any other organization is not immune to challenges. “Sometimes when we go to the villages to render our services, the youth do not attend our programmes and sponsors also reject us sometimes”, he alluded. Maluleke acknowledges that even though some sponsors reject them, there still are people who are passionate and willing to give back to the community.

Freedom Maluleke is not about to cease empowering historically marginalized young people as he has got bigger plans for the future. Maluleke says he wants his foundation to spread and have brunches all over the country. “I also aspire to build an academy in the future that will offer specific services that will be tailored to serve the interests of poor young people”, he said. He says this academy will open a platform for young people to learn a lot about how they can change their backgrounds and create a better future.

Maluleke says the poor are not going to pay anything for the services that his academy will offer as a means of giving back to the community. “All I want is to assist and I don’t want anyone to pay anything which is why even the membership of It’s Possible Foundation is free”, he explains. Freedom added that his foundation is not money driven but purpose driven to serve the country.