I was born in November 1993 in Aarau, Switzerland, and lived in Zurich with my parents for a few years. My dad owned a big automobile garage and had a decent income back then. He also gained recognition as a racing driver, which allowed us to move in a big house in Glarus, Switzerland in 1995.

Around that time my dad fell ill with epilepsy due to a horrible road accident. One night in 1999, my mom woke me up to leave the house – and thus my dad. She couldn’t handle his disease anymore. She changed her name again, which is the reason why my name is now Laura H. (Heussi) Rubin. I wanted to keep both names.

I saw my dad only every other weekend so we didn’t a very good relationship. Usually we didn’t know what to talk about, until he showed me his old dusty drawing portfolio. I digged around and found the most amazing drawing I’ve ever seen. After that we were able to talk – thanks to these drawings. I also started drawing, and we developed a game: He was drawing an object (no matter what) and I had to draw something that could destroy his object, and so on. Well, this game didn’t make much sense, but for a 7-year-old girl it was “funtastic”!

Regarding the time I didn’t spend with my father: My mother and I were moving a lot, although we had very little money, which is why she was not at home very often. One day she hired a nanny called “Susanne”, she was like a big sister to me. She had an eye on me while my mom was working. Later she even moved in.

When I was about 11 years old, we moved so far away from the previous place it took almost 4 hours to visit my dad. He wasn’t allowed to drive due to the epilepsy and my mother didn’t have the time, so I was forced to take the train which really scared me. So I wrote a letter to my dad and let him know that I couldn’t visit him so often anymore because I didn’t want to travel so long (actually I just didn’t want to admit that I’m afraid of the train rides). That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I can barely imagine how my dad must have felt when he read my letter.

Without my dad, drawing didn’t feel right anymore, it wasn’t relaxing, and I wasn’t satisfied with my performance, just because he raised the bar so high with his own illustrations. So i stopped drawing. I spent all of my time with Susanne. We did everything together, and because she was only 9 years older than me we had a good connection and could easily talk together. A few years later and after another move, Susanne died. It was her birthday when she got into her boyfriend’s car along with some friends. The driver was drunk and they had an accident – all occupants were killed.

One week after my 18th birthday my mother left our apartment, she wanted to move again. She wanted to take me with her, but I was tired of moving around so I stayed. This chapter of my life was terrible, I hated it. Since, I didn’t have enough money to finish my apprenticeship, I had to quit and find a real job to earn some money. So I started working as an underpaid headhunter for a crappy company. I got depressed and started questioning the meaning of life, which also led to the breakup with my partner at that time.

Just before I turned 19 I fell in love with Oly, the guitar player and songwriter of the band “Breakdown of Sanity”. We coincidentally met at a photoshoot, and afterwards we started dating. Somehow he managed to pull me out of my depression and embolded me to do what I really want … So I scraped together all my savings and started studying film and visual effects. To get a better understanding of visual impressions, our class often visited the store house of the art museum where we had to draw sketches for many hours and days. Additionally, we had to draw storyboards for all our film projects. First just on paper, later digitally with a Wacom tablet.

Right after my graduation I was broke for quite some time and had to find a job, so I started to work as a graphic designer in an ad agency. At this time, Oly gifted me the iPad Pro which allowed me to draw on, and things started to take its course. I was watching tons of tutorials on Udemy and Skillshare to become better, and tried to remind the drawing tips from my dad. Finally, I managed to get in touch with him again which was really great.

At the very beginning I was happy when I was able to draw a face with its correct proportions. But later I wanted to not only draw, but to add another “layer” to my work and express my feelings. Today I really love it to find a personality and a name for each of my characters! And I don’t expect my drawings to have correct proprtions or to look realistic in any way, because I don’t want to draw the reality anymore. I want to draw a feeling, and emotion.

I think I’m just trying to create something inspiring that makes me – and of course the people who understand and like my art – charmed for a momentum