Kalahari Thyme – Bar & Grill is a new restaurant situated on 289 Fox Street, Maboneng that opened recently. I and my friends are one of the first people to become regular patrons at this gem of a restaurant.

I would love to think that I discovered it but sadly it was not I who did, it was actually one of my friends and music editor here at coseffect, Mike “Niceybeatz” Mahlalela. We had been talking for weeks about how we still had not found a proper restaurant that serve local cuisine that is to our taste since moving to Maboneng more than 8 months ago. Like a prophecy, Kalahari Thyme opened its doors a little over 2 months ago and our dinners have never been the same since. Their menu boasts enough dishes to entice any food fundi whether local or from abroad. We spoke to Kalahari Thyme owner Nosipho Martin about the bustles of running a restaurant.


So what Inspired you to start the restaurant?
Every chef needs a kitchen to work from so opening the restaurant provided for that. Opening the restaurant was also a way of rating oneself.

What’s the inspiration behind your menu?
Our menu has something for everyone. We decided to have a variety of South African meals in order to satisfy the locals and indulge those coming from abroad.

How many people do you employ?
11 people currently

A lot of people would consider having an up and running restaurant a success in itself, would you consider the business a success at this point?
Yes I would, especially having no experience in running a restaurant.

People that have had your Nyama Yenhloko say it’s extra special, would you care to indulge on what your secret is?
A chef doesn’t reveal his secrets. But simplicity always works best.

Kalahari Thyme looks like it was properly planned, from the interior, the colours and lighting, how long did it take from when you thought about it, and actually executing and bringing it to life?
Kalahari Thyme was not planned at all, it was actually pure luck. An opportunity represented itself and it was taken with both hands. It took three months to put everything together but it’s still a work in progress. Once the restaurant became a possibility ideas were put together to make Kalahari Thyme what it is today.

If there’s a person out there who has a similar dream, to own their own restaurant, what would be your advise to them?
Go for it. It’s hard work but very satisfying.