Kgotso Mashigo is a Johannesburg born lyricist who is commonly known as Malik. He is a creative when he comes to the type of music he makes; he is a mixture of old skool and the new age sound.

His sound has an authentic appeal to all those who crave something new. Malik says that he is ‘firmly fixed on the pulse of mainstream hip hop’. The Joburg born artist loves mashing up dope beats with his old skool hip hop lyrics, he does this to stay on top of his game with the ever-changing demand for a ‘lit’ sound. Malik describes hip hop as: “A universal language that speaks to every individual and an art form that expresses ones true self through wordplay. To me, Hip Hop is Rap and Rap is poetry, which never strays from cultivating the truths rooted in the music.” Malik would mostly likely call himself a beacon of ‘poetic wokeness’. The thought provoking rapper beliefs that hip hop is a form of modern culture on a more social level and always seeks to convey a message. Malik’s latest singles are well balanced; we see the rapper spit some serious bars over a range of tracks that vary in tempo and vocal offering. The Vaal rapper possesses a natural lyrical flair. He is consistent in his delivery and offers different narratives and themes within his music which keep his listeners interested from song to song. Some of songs are his real life encounters, while some are nostalgic and he will most likely reflect on later on in his life. Fleek, is a track that has gained widespread interest from his supporters and local radio stations, this has propelled Malik onto the local music scene. The beat for Fleek was produced by Mustbedubz. Malik described Fleek, “it is dedicated to the good looking steadfast woman who put effort in their appearance in efforts to display perfection from head to toe, without fail”. Artist that inspire Malik are the likes of JayZ, Diddy, Ludacris, Nas and Tupac. Richard Branson and Bill Ackman are some of the game changers that have had an impact on the rapper. The 27-year-old rapper has been making music for the past nine years. Give Malik a listen.   Social Media Twitter: Realmalik_154 Instagram: Realmalik_154   Get In Touch LIT MUSIC RECORDS Kgotso Mashigo Email: Contact: 0606432488