Magoose community and Escalating Heights Spoken Word Session have collaborated in a joint uplifting way to help build black communities in South Africa, but firstly picking off in the city of Tshwane, they plan on achieving their goal through the power literature in a more social way.

The two organisations have partnered in the most thrilling way, giving people the platform to unwrap their artistic skills, as well as to give contemporary artist publicity, through a social gathering event called, Black Labone.

Black Labone, meaning (Black Thursday) is a social gathering event that mainly gives insight on Black Excellency and promoting crucial dialogue in South African communities, through spoken word art such as poetry, acapella performances, written pieces, exchanging of books and so on.

Founders of Black Labone, Izah Kutsh, Kabelo Morakeki, Xolani Masaka, Thabiso Skosana and Nqobile Walker all aim at educating and emancipating the youth whilst providing a platform to new artists, they main focus is to support and promote musicians and visual artists. They go as far as using Public Art to raise the identity and atmosphere of a cultural movement.

Escalating heights started off in a township called Ekangala, It took the team a minimum of six months to reach a greater mess, having to add 5 more townships to their list, with the hope of channeling an even greater mess by hosting monthly session’s throughout South Africa.

The Magoose community aims at developing a network of arts and cultural space to address and identify community demand and reinvigorate the old fire station as a heritage building for the people of Tshwane. Black Labone is held in Tshwane CBD, at the old fire station in Bosman. Social practice is going mainstream as more artists focus their work on making an impact on problems like pollution, cultural, poverty, black excellence and so forth.

Pictures: Masaka Media