Everyone has their own views based on spirituality and religion. Realising that people see these two entities differently allows for one to better understand religion and spirituality through their eyes.

Spirituality is commonly misunderstood because people often confuse it with religion. Although some religions put emphasis on spirituality through faith, forgetting one can be spiritual without being religious. Religion is an organised group that has intentions of teaching a specific way of life; on the other hand, spirituality is having your own personal experience and accepting that there is a spiritual force in the universe that is larger than all of mankind.

However, people will always have different definitions of spirituality and religion based on their personal experiences. Spirituality as one aspect of religion and religion as one aspect of spirituality; meaning that spirituality and religion can be intertwined thus one can be both religious and spiritual. There are certain human behaviours and experiences that could be classified as both spiritual and religious.

There are other human behaviours and experiences that are commonly classified as spiritual and there are also other human behaviors and experiences that are commonly classified as religious. When you put this together you can understand that spirituality are behaviours or experiences that are personal, but which takes us out of ourselves and connects us to a higher consciousness that cannot be bound by our world neither can it be bound by time.

When you are a spiritual being you do not have to go through someone to be able to talk or connect to God because we are all born with a direct connection to God within us. Spiritual beings believe that we are made of the same energy and vibrations as God and we use these vibrations to manifest our desires. Whatever that lives in our subconscious is believed that it can be manifested into reality. The whole world is created from within each off us.

Religion puts us in a box; a box with limitations and these limitations prevents one’s potential mind to reach spirituality because all that you will know about spirituality will biblically guide you while we are all here to experience life in our own different ways. To be clear, I have nothing against religion as they all have their own purpose, but to be religious means observing rituals and rites. As the times change and things develop, there are extremists in every religion and this cannot be a good trend for humanity. As everything develops one can wish that religion could develop to fit in the new era of knowledge and understanding of life itself.

Spirituality is an awakening to the inner reality of ones being or self and a longing to be in union with it through experience. The latter is a total transformation of the whole being. This is an individual practice, to have a total sense of peace and purpose one has to be more spiritually inclined. The more you have an understanding of SELF, the more you are able to have a clear and developed belief system around the meaning of life and be able to connect with others.

However, the question is how do you incline your spirituality? There are many ways that you can start your spiritual inclination; here are four ways to get you on your journey: Building self-awareness through meditation. Pay more attention to your conscious and subconscious. Be kind to yourself and others. Have more than one source of information that promotes peace and love.